Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

4.5 /usr/bin : Most user commands

4.5.1 Purpose

This is the primary directory of executable commands on the system.

4.5.2 Specific Options

The following directories, or symbolic links to directories, must be in /usr/bin, if the corresponding subsystem is installed:

"Binaries that are not needed in single-user mode"
Commands for the MH mail handling system (optional)


/usr/bin/X11 must be a symlink to /usr/X11R6/bin if the latter exists.

The following files, or symbolic links to files, must be in /usr/bin, if the corresponding subsystem is installed:

perl The Practical Extraction and Report Language (optional)
python The Python interpreted language (optional)
tclsh Simple shell containing Tcl interpreter (optional)
wish Simple Tcl/Tk windowing shell (optional)
expect Program for interactive dialog (optional)



Because shell script interpreters (invoked with #!<path> on the first line of a shell script) cannot rely on a path, it is advantageous to standardize their locations. The Bourne shell and C-shell interpreters are already fixed in /bin, but Perl, Python, and Tcl are often found in many different places. They may be symlinks to the physical location of the shell interpreters.

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