From: "Christopher Yeoh" 
To: FHS Discussion List 
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] FHS 2.3 Released


FHS 2.3 is finally released:

This is a temporary URL. The normal FHS site at will be updated soon.

Thank you to all those who contributed fixes and feedback.  

Summary of changes from FHS 2.2 to FHS 2.3

Add /media:

Add /srv:

Allow for /etc/opt/ and /var/opt/

User programs sockets can't go in /var/run

Remove obsolete, misleading footnote text about location of C preprocessor

Clarify some terms and the role of /etc/

Default character set for en_GB shoudl not be ASCII (Updated from beta1)


/lib64 os-specific clarification:

Scope of FHS clarification:

Home directory dot file clarification:

Adding /usr/local/share and /usr/local/share/man:

Allow /usr/local/etc:

Add /usr/share/xml: don't use /usr/share/sgml for XML:

Note on crash dumps, clarification of config files in /boot:

Expressedly note that RATIONALE is non-normative:

Loosen /dev requirements, define only three:

Fix mailing list address:

Allow provider subdirs under opt:

Clarify /etc:

Weaken new root directory ban:

Weaken /usr/src to a place for reference source, not all source:

Clarifies placement of unix domain sockets in /var/run
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