Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

5.14 /var/spool : Application spool data

5.14.1 Purpose

/var/spool contains data which is awaiting some kind of later processing. Data in /var/spool represents work to be done in the future (by a program, user, or administrator); often data is deleted after it has been processed.[footnote 38]

5.14.2 Specific Options

The following directories, or symbolic links to directories, must be in /var/spool, if the corresponding subsystem is installed:

"Spool directories"
Printer spool directory (optional)
Outgoing mail queue (optional)
News spool directory (optional)
Rwhod files (optional)
Spool directory for UUCP (optional)


5.14.3 /var/spool/lpd : Line-printer daemon print queues (optional) Purpose

The lock file for lpd, lpd.lock, must be placed in /var/spool/lpd. It is suggested that the lock file for each printer be placed in the spool directory for that specific printer and named lock. Specific Options

"Printer spool directory"
Spools for a specific printer (optional)


5.14.4 /var/spool/rwho : Rwhod files (optional) Purpose

This directory holds the rwhod information for other systems on the local net.

Some BSD releases use /var/rwho for this data; given its historical location in /var/spool on other systems and its approximate fit to the definition of `spooled' data, this location was deemed more appropriate.

[38] UUCP lock files must be placed in /var/lock. See the above section on /var/lock.

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